Welcome to America Josh's New Friends

We're creating the Definitive Expat Guide for Moving to America together, and I'd love you to join!

About Us

Tips, tricks, and guides to help you with your move. Everything from banking to sandwiches.

I want this community to help anyone and everyone in the US, whether you’re still planning to move, have just moved, or have been here your whole life. There’s a great benefit to having all sorts of voices in the mix!

Most importantly I want to help make the transition from wherever you’re from just a little bit easier and your life abroad a little bit better.

I also want this community to work with all the other resources that already exist, and not duplicate anything that is already helpful elsewhere. I’m always reaching out to other websites and services to combine forces, so if you know anyone, please do put them in touch!

A Big Thanks

A big thanks to all of America Josh's patrons on Patreon, and all of you who have bought me beers over the past years. 

It's meant so much to me to build such a warm and wonderful community.

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